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We are paving the road to helping you prevent lower back pain or address existing back pain with a solution that will be long lasting.  This program was created by physicians, therapists, and fitness professionals with the goal of helping patients get their life back, and start enjoying daily activities with minimal to no pain!  Please watch video, see what client’s are saying and sign up for RehabZone’s Complete Back Pain Self Assessment to learn what could be causing your pain. 

  • “I was amazed! I felt less pain and more strength.

    I enjoyed all of the lessons. The instructions were clear. I could

    move and not hurt.”

  • “I had a ruptured disc that had to be surgically removed. I was

    doing well until one year ago when the pain returned. I love

    this program. This made a world of difference in how I feel.

    The program was easy to follow, and Carl did an excellent job

    explaining everything. The program is convenient and can be

    done in your pajamas from home. I didn’t know you could get

    that much muscle tone back. I think everyone should do this

    program no matter how old you are, or what condition you are

    in. If you can just get started it will make a world of difference.”

  • “I had herniated discs and tried injections, physical therapy,

    and medications. I wanted to try this program since nothing

    was working. The program was easy to follow and convenient.

    I felt much better and could walk better. I have recommended

    this program to my water aerobics class, and look forward to

    more phases.”

  • “I had a pinched nerve in my back going down my leg before I

    got the program. I enjoyed the program. It was nice not to

    have to leave the house. I couldn’t afford therapy on a fixed

    income, and this program had a lot of the answers. I no longer

    have back or leg pain. I would definitely recommend this to my

    friends and family. I’m so grateful for RehabZone! Thank you!”

  • “When I was 21, I was injured in a car accident and had a

    fractured pelvis, dislocated hip, abdominal injuries, and back

    pain. I lived with chronic pain and sciatica. Over the years I

    have had surgery, injections, therapy, and tried medication, yet

    these were only temporary and I was told to apply for

    disability. I refused because I wanted to get better somehow. I

    decided to try RehabZone and I’m feeling stronger every day.

    This program was much less invasive on my time and energy

    compared to physical therapy. I have learned to use the correct

    muscles to avoid back pain. I have shared this program with all

    of my friends who have back pain. I’m fixing to go to Alaska for

    6 weeks and the RehabZone program is going with me!!”

  • “I was in a head on collision one year ago and have had back

    pain ever since. I went to a chiropractor and everyone told me I

    was healed, but I still had pain. I wanted to give this program a

    shot because I had tried everything else and I was blown away.

    I didn’t realize that I was doing everything wrong! The

    program is straightforward and keeps you motivated. You

    can’t beat the convenience. I love being able to use it anytime I

    want. I tried other home programs that were a joke, but this

    was the real deal.”

  • “I’ve had degenerative arthritis and back pain for years. I tried therapy and injections, but didn’t see much benefit. I recently tried the RehabZone DVD program, and thought it was wonderful that it could be done from home. I even took it on vacation. In therapy I was given a sheet of paper with exercises to follow, but they were hard to follow and didn’t work at all. This program has everything on a DVD right in front of you. There were a variety of exercises and moves to follow, and I found that I could do them without pain. The techniques were easy to follow and actually make since. I felt stronger, more flexible, and had better range of motion. As I progressed through the program I could see a difference in my endurance and daily activities were easier. I’m looking forward to continuing this program. “

  • “I was in a car accident and suffered a broken neck and broken back. I had to have surgery and went to physical therapy, but the pain was still there. A friend told me about the RehabZone program, and it was excellent. I followed this program at night, and woke up without pain. I recommended this to my family members, and they are already seeing results. I tried other programs, but I was in worse pain after. Nothing compared to RehabZone. The program was easy to follow, fun, and actually worked. I was able to follow the program in the privacy of my own home, and it didn’t interfere with my life. I’m enjoying life more, and can walk to my mailbox without hurting anymore. I even played basketball with my son for the first time in years. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone. RehabZone is awesome!!”

  • “I liked RehabZone because it was clear, easy to understand, and had options for those just starting or those with more exercise experience. My abdomen, back, and core muscles have gotten stronger. I notice that I’m getting more flexible and more confident in myself. RehabZone hit all the right areas and I would recommend it to anyone.”

  • “RehabZone was easy to follow and easy to do from home. They gave good instructions and were very thorough. I have noticed improvement in my back pain, hip pain, and my sciatica is gone. This program has been very instrumental in my rehabilitation process.”

  • “I love the RehabZone program. As a former college baseball player I have a good understanding of athletics and fitness. After law school I lost a lot of strength and flexibility. I began to develop back pain and was running out of options. The RehabZone program has helped me gain strength and flexibility. I no longer have back pain. I thought the instruction was clear, easy to follow, and progressed well.”

  • I have been practicing Physical Therapy for 21 years and have always had to send my patients home with their exercises printed out on paper. With Rehab Zone home DVD series I now have the ability to send my patients home with a product that will continue to instruct and progress them through their core exercises in an appropriate and safe manner. I recommend this DVD series to anyone trying to conservatively manage lower back issues or to anyone who simply wants to improve their core strength.

  • As a licensed and practicing doctor of chiropractic in the state of Louisiana, I an always looking to improve my knowledge and be able to offer my patients better care. The Rehab Zone DVD series is a great way to effectively introduce spinal rehabilitation to my patients. I personally have a surgically repaired lumbar disc and have benefited tremendously from the exercises outlined in the program. It is a great tool for any chiropractor or physical therapist to implement a professional core and lumbo-sacral strengthening and stabilization program in to their practice.

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