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3 Phase Process to
Stronger, Healthier Back and Core!

RehabZone is a fun, easy to follow home exercise program divided into 12 progressive workouts created for those seeking a stronger, healthier back and core!

Phase 1

You will be introduced to gentle flexibility and
stability exercises. As you move through workouts
1-4, you will gradually introduce new muscle groups
and notice a slight increase in intensity as you work
through these exercises! You will start
feeling flexible and stronger!

Phase 2

We will continue to improve flexibility and
dynamic core stability with the addition of
strengthening exercises. You feel
stronger and more flexible in this phase.

Phase 3

Maximize what you've learned in the previous two phases. The last four workouts will continue to improve and reinforce your flexibility, core stability and strength! Get
ready to feel great!

Why Rehabzone?

This program was designed by healthcare and fitness professionals to address the three
major components of an effective physical fitness program: flexibility, stability, and
strength. Whether you're wanting to strengthen your back to prevent pain and injury or
you're looking for a convenient home exercise program that delivers results without the
intimidation of painful workouts, this program is for you!

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Rehabzone Success Stories

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3 DVD's, 12 Workouts, 20 minutes/Workout!

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Get Ready to Experience Life Changing Results!
No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!