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RehabZone was created out of a void commonly seen in both the medical and wellness community. Carl Comeaux, master personal trainer and online fitness expert as well as Craig Morton, MD, board-certified rehabilitation physician and spine expert collaborated to find a solution to the barriers they encountered daily when it came to rehabilitating patients with low back pain and continuing (or in some cases starting) an overall exercise & wellness program.

Dr. Morton had many tools at his disposal for back pain including medication, spinal injections, chiropractics, and therapy, but often found patients returning to their usual levels of pain without ongoing guidance on proper exercises to strengthen the back and prevent future injury. He was frequently approached by patients wanting to start an exercise program for overall wellness, but they were intimidated, and did not know where to start. They couldn't afford expensive gym memberships, and were intimidated by the aggressive workouts being sold on infomercials. Carl also saw this barrier when training his clients, yet with a master’s degree in exercise physiology, he had a true appreciation for the physiology of aging and the consequences of not starting the appropriate exercise routine at the right time.

Craig and Carl were able to integrate their expertise taking the science of medical wellness with the art and physiology of exercise to create RehabZone, the first exercise program of its kind. Flexibility, stability and strengthening moves are integrated to gently activate the core using therapeutic rehabilitation principles and gradually transitioning to an exercised based program. They wanted to create a program that was affordable, easy-to-follow, easy to complete, and would be the beginning of a lifelong exercise and wellness program. After two years of research and development including clinical trials with Dr. Morton's back pain patients, RehabZone was ready for release to the general public.

Meet The Founders Of RehabZone

Carl Comeaux MS, CI-CPT

Personal Trainer,
Motivational Speaker and Coach

Carl Comeaux, MS, CI-CPT is a personal trainer, motivational speaker, and coach.  He is a graduate of McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology as well as a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. Carl then completed the Personal Trainer Certification program at The Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX. Carl quickly became one of the most sought after personal trainers in the area well known for his energy, expertise, and passion.  Carl’s overwhelming demand would eventually lead to the creation Live Fit 7, the first personal training company of it’s kind, where his system of success, motivation, and results could be shared with masses through the education and leadership of his personal training team.  In 2013 Live Fit 7 was renamed to Premier Personal Training and moved to Katy, TX one of the fastest growing suburbs of Houston, TX.   Under Carl’s leadership Premier Personal Training has grown exponentially and recognized as the regional cutting-edge studio for health & human performance.  Premier focuses on personal training, strength & conditioning, therapeutic stretching, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.  Carl also co-created the online fitness sensation,, an online program that focuses on strength & conditioning, functional fitness, Pilates, Yoga, and personal growth.

He is a dedicated community advocate and was the first chairman of Partnership for a Healthier Southwest Louisiana, which is an organization that promotes health awareness, and under his leadership received a $1,500,000 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Carl’s passion, focus, commitment, leadership, and experience allow him the opportunity to help others achieve their optimal fitness goals.  He believes one must be aligned physically and mentally to maximize full potential.  His staff assists him in this mission to offer cutting-edge, personalized health & fitness plans designed to positively impact the lives of people around the world. Carl and his staff empower clients to transform their lives and achieve amazing results. Even though Carl’s schedule is demanding he continues to enjoy playing tennis, working out, spending time with his wife and 3 kids, and teaching others how to incorporate exercise and nutrition into their lifestyle.

Craig Morton MD, FAAPMR

Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

Craig Morton M.D. FAAPMR is a board certified physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  As a very active athlete who was also overweight as a teenager Dr. Morton learned early in life the pain associated with joint inflammation.  Having a keen interested in exercise physiology and biology he went on to develop workout programs that helped him lose over 50lbs. He became a role model for those wanting to get in better shape and out of pain. He received a scholarship to McNeese State University where he majored in pre-med.  At McNeese Dr. Morton held many leadership roles and was ultimately voted "Mr. McNeese" by the student body and staff.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude and received two scholarships to attend medical school at Louisiana Health Sciences Center.  Upon graduation from medical school he was awarded a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. During residency he was a guest speaker for the medical school and residency program.  He presented research at both national and international meetings for the American Spinal Injury Association on potential complications from spinal injections.  He was selected as Chief Resident by his department and after graduation passed all specialty board exams becoming board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Morton moved back to his hometown of Lake Charles, LA eager to bring his expertise in rehabilitation medicine back home.  He joined up with 3 orthopedic surgeons as a founding partner for Center for Orthopedics.  The group has grown to 12 physicians and is now the largest independent orthopedic group in SW Louisiana with over 65,000 patient visits annually.  Center for Orthopedics is currently the sports medicine provider for the local university and several area high schools.  Since starting private practice Dr. Morton has been recognized as a regional expert in non-surgical orthopedics with an emphasis on neck and back pain.  He is proficient in evaluation and treatment of spinal disorders, electro diagnostic medicine, ultrasound injections, fluoroscopic guided spinal injections and is well known for his expertise in non-surgical treatment options focusing on diet and exercise.  He was selected by as the top Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the nation, and received the patient's choice award by  He has been featured in multiple media outlets including the nationally syndicated NBC program America Now.  Despite a very busy clinical practice he continues to enjoy running, working out, spending time with family, and educating others through guest speaking engagements and innovations in medical media.

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